Combining sweets with berries – why?

Combining sweets with berries – why?

When we think of sweets like chocolate or jelly bears or cakes and tarts, most of us probably know that we should only enjoy them in moderation. If we take in carbohydrates only in the form of simple or just free sugar, it goes into our blood very quickly and we subsequently have a very rapid and very high blood sugar increase. This can have adverse health effects. By the way, this is not only the case with “sweets”, it is almost the same with for example white bread or cornflakes.

Süßes mit Beeren kombinieren – warum?


And now for the berries. In addition to their important vitamins and minerals, berries with their phytochemicals and fibres have a blood sugar regulating effect. They are therefore not only quite healthy in themselves, but can even reduce negative effects on the blood sugar level through the simultaneous consumption of, for example, sweets or white flour products.

There are two important studies [1] in this context, and we would like to present one [2] in more detail: Two groups were investigated. Group A received a puree consisting of 150 g berries and 35 g added sugar. Group B also received 35 g of added sugar and also the amount of glucose and fructose that would normally be found in the berries. Both groups thus consumed exactly the same type and amount of sugar. When the blood sugar levels of the subjects were measured after half an hour, those of group A (berries and sugar) were much lower than those of group B (sugar only). After 1.5 hours, the blood sugar level of group B (sugar only) even fell below the initial value measured before sugar consumption. Group B was therefore hypoglycaemic. By contrast, group A blood glucose levels never fell below the baseline throughout the entire study.

This means that although both groups had consumed the same amount of sugar, the blood sugar level of group A (berries and sugar) did not rise as high and did not fall as sharply and rapidly as that of the pure sugar group.
So what we conclude from this is that we should combine sweets with berries. From now on, if we eat a handful of blueberries with every piece of chocolate we snack on, not only can it taste good, but it also has a beneficial effect on our health.

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