Collect nettle seeds – all about harvesting, drying and effect

Brennesselsamen sammeln - alles über Ernte, Trocknen und Wirkung

Collect nettle seeds – all about harvesting, drying and effect

Nettle seeds are a valuable tool in natural medicine. They can be used for numerous ailments and have many other beneficial properties besides. In this article you will learn everything about the nettle seeds, from collecting to drying to the effect. They are a popular ingredient in many remedies and cosmetics. They are often collected to use their valuable ingredients. Nettle seeds can be easily collected yourself. It is best to collect them in late summer or fall.

Nettle – what is this plant?

Nettle is a low-maintenance plant that is found in Europe, northern Asia and North America and grows in almost every garden. The seeds of nettle are very useful and can be used for many different purposes. They contain many valuable ingredients that are very useful for health.

Nettle (Urtica dioica) is a plant that can grow up to 2 m high. The plant has green lanceolate leaves and yellow flowers. Nettle is a very useful plant: its roots can be drunk as a coffee substitute, the leaves can be eaten and the seeds can be used to make oil or powder. Most people know stinging nettle as a nuisance plant that grows on paths and in allotments. In our latitudes, the nettle is not a natural plant, but, unfortunately, rather a weed.

Drying nettles – how to proceed?

Nettles are a popular ingredient in many dishes and recipes. But what is the best way to dry nettles, so that they do not lose their effect?

If you collect nettles, you should dry them in the shade, otherwise they will lose their green color. The best time to dry nettles is in the early morning or late afternoon. First, cut the nettles into small pieces and place them on a cloth or grid. Let the nettles dry in an airy place so that they do not mold. After about a week, the nettles should be completely dry. Then you can put them in a jar or a be

About the nutrients of nettle seeds and their effect.


One of the most important nutrients in nettle seeds is iron. Iron is important for the production of hemoglobin, the protein that transports oxygen in the body’s cells. Nettle seeds are a good source of iron and can help prevent or treat anemia.


For example, phenols are antioxidant compounds that can protect the body from harmful free radicals. Flavonoids, on the other hand, can reduce the risk of heart disease. Antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Dietary fiber helps keep the intestinal tract moving and can reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

Other nutrients

also contain a lot of calcium, which is necessary for healthy bones and a strong immune system. They are also rich in vitamins C, E and K and various B vitamins.Nettle seeds, however, have not only benefits. At a fairly high dose, nettle seeds can cause nausea, vomiting, restlessness and nervousness.


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