Wholemeal flour sweet pancake 'Kaiserschmarrn'

Wholemeal flour sweet pancake ‘Kaiserschmarrn’ (vegan)

Today we have for you a recipe for a sweet pancake originally from the Austrian cuisine, the ‘Kaiserschmarrn’! France has ‘crepes’, America has ‘pancakes’ and Austria has ‘schmarrn’, a sweet kind of scrambled pancake with raisins. Wholemeal flour has our priority and today we will present you a wholemeal varietyand a vegan way to cook …

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Mmmh .. poppy seed noodles – who of you knows this tempting delicacy? Poppy seed noodles are one traditional dessert from the Austrian and Bohemian cuisine. The preparation steps are not difficult at all, but honestly it still takes a little while before you can enjoy the finished wholemeal poppy seed noodles. But we promise …

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