Simple mug cake


We at the Salzburg Grain Mills have a really simple recipe for you today: the one for a mug cake. The preparation is so simple because – as the name suggests – you only need one mug! We now present you two ways to prepare the simple mug cake. In both cases, however, it is […]

Wholesome spinach tortillas


So, what’s for lunch today? How about spinach tortillas? The Mexican flatbread in a slightly different way. And since we’re all about whole foods on our blog, we make the spinach tortillas with whole wheat flour. And freshly ground, at that. We hope you enjoy! * ingredients 380 g wholemeal flour (spelt or wheat fresh […]



Mmmh .. poppy seed noodles – who of you knows this tempting delicacy? Poppy seed noodles are one traditional dessert from the Austrian and Bohemian cuisine. The preparation steps are not difficult at all, but honestly it still takes a little while before you can enjoy the finished wholemeal poppy seed noodles. But we promise […]

Carrot spread for every season


We can buy carrots (including carrots, turnips, carrots, etc.) regionally all year round. The reason for this is that they can be stored very well. Even though the carrots are mainly grown in the warmer months of the year, they keep well for a long time and we actually always find them in supermarkets and […]

Wohlschmeckende Weihnachtskekse

Wohlschmeckende Weihnachtskekse

It’s coming to Christmas and your baking friends have probably already been busy baking Christmas cookies or rolling Christmas chocolates. Perhaps there are also beginners in baking among you who may not have that much experience in the kitchen. So just before Christmas we thought we’d share a very simple recipe with you. We have […]

Wonderful vanilla cookies

Vanillekipferl 1 1

Christmas is just around the corner and many of us are busy preparing or creating Christmas presents. Some of them must have been busy baking cookies and other sweet treats. But what would Christmas be without the well-known and popular Vanilla crescents . We at the Salzburger Grain Mills are always happy to share recipes […]

Christmas stollen – traditional recipe


With this delicious Christmas cake you can sweeten your pre-Christmas season a little more. We wish you all the best and lots of fun baking! ingredients 80 g icing sugar 1 pkg. vanilla sugar 3 pcs. Egg yolk 220 g butter 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon cardamom 1 pinch of ginger powder 3 tbsp rum […]

Vegan cheesecake

Kaesekuchen 1

So simple, so delicious – yes, it really is, this vegan cheesecake! The preparation is simple and the result is delicious. And the whole thing without cruelty. Because by relying on purely plant-based ingredients in this recipe, when buying these foods we do not contribute to animals suffering or even dying. In addition, the cake […]