Carbohydrates in bread – what’s it all about?

Many people know that in cereals, in the whole grain can be almost up to 75% carbohydrates, which sounds like a lot. But what is very important to mention here, and what can lead to misunderstandings, is that the whole grains are mainly starch. Starch is a polysaccharide, which just means that many glucose molecules are chained together. Starch is only broken down very slowly in the body and therefore only enters our blood gradually. The body thus has continuous energy supply and the blood sugar level is maintained.

The whole grain, for example in the form of bread, contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, even up to five times more than white bread. A study conducted in America shows that eating whole grain bread even prevents diabetes. Thus, today very often a diet is recommended to be rich in whole grain products.

Here you can learn even more about the compatibility of whole grain bread (:


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