Today we have a slightly different recipe idea for you. It is a delicious homemade bread with radishes and wild garlic pesto – composed of several of our recipes.

Especially now in spring, when more and more vegetables and fruits are growing in our area and we can buy them fresh, you can get inspiration for new recipes. A glance at the seasonal calendar for April reveals that we can look forward to radishes and wild garlic, among many other vegetables.

But let’s move now to our bread with radishes and wild garlic pesto:

Frühlingsbrot mit Radieschen und Bärlauchpesto

The basis is a homemade wholemeal bread with pumpkin seeds. It is not only full of important nutrients, but also tastes incredibly good. The best thing about homemade bread is that you know exactly what’s inside. You can also taste it if you bake it with love. You can find the recipe HERE on our blog.

If you like, you can now spread cream cheese or a plant-based alternative on the bread. The latter could be for example soy yoghurt (natural) or a vegan cream cheese.

And now to the delicacies from the seasonal and regional cuisine: You can buy the radishes at the vegetable market, if you haven’t cultivated them yourself. Make sure that they are of organic quality. With wild garlic it’s a little different. If you know exactly how to distinguish wild garlic from lily of the valley and the autumn crocus, you can pick it yourself in the forest. But if you are not so familiar with it and want to be on the safe side, you can buy it at the vegetable market. You can find out how to make your own wild garlic pesto for your bread HERE. This recipe is also very easy to do (though you probably need to translate it).

And to complete your delicious bread with radishes and wild garlic pesto, you can top it off with fresh spring onions.

Discover the advantages of seasonal and regional cuisine and enjoy the taste of homemade delicacies!