“Bread makes you fat” – such nonsense

Hello everyone and good day!

Again and again strange rumors circulate around the topic of bread.

Bread makes you fat – such nonsense

I’m about to get terribly excited.
Today, when we have bread in abundance and innumerable variations, there are a lot of simple-minded people who think that Bread makes you fat! That is not true at all!
Dick makes only what centimeter thick on the bread is spread and placed! Sausage, cheese, mayonnaise, jam, spreads that are miles away from natural origin – whether sweet or sour – no attention is paid to it – as guilty is quite simply judged the bread.
Bread must be carefully selected – and only bread from whole grains and without chemical treatment and chemical additives.
So bread does not make you fat – as you can also see on me!
And if you grind grain with the Salzburg grain mill and bake the bread yourself, then you know what you’re eating – bread that doesn’t make you fat!
Your willowy Berti!

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