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Last week we have already valuable baking tips from Cilli Reisinger presented. The recipe book of the passionate baker also points out bread mistakes. A bread defect is a bread characteristic that does not match the typical and expected quality of a baked good. [ 1] You can find out which bread defects have which underlying causes in today’s blog post – enjoy!

Bread too dry

bread baking errors

If the bread is too dry, it may be that either too much yeast was used, the dough was too firm, or the bread was in the oven too long.

Bread too bacon

If the bread is too bacony, then the dough may not have been kneaded enough or may have risen too much the second time. However, the bread may have been placed in an oven that was too hot, where a hard crust formed immediately.

Not well risen bread

Here, too, there could be several causes:
If too little liquid was used, the dough may have become too firm.
If the Dampferl (sourdough + yeast + water + flour) was mixed too hot in the bowl.
Or when the sourdough was no longer fresh. Sourdough can keep for about 2-3 weeks if stored in a cool place. Caution: In summer, if not stored in a cool place, sourdough can also spoil.

Not loose bread

If the bread is not loose, the dough may have been under-kneaded. Also, the liquid may have been too cold when the dough was prepared. The liquid should be about 36-38°C. If the bread is not loose, the cause may also be that too much fat or eggs have been added.

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And these valuable baking tips can make your bread baking a whole lot easier. Here you come to our last post >>


Reisinger, C. (20156): Cilli Reisinger’s Bread Baking Book. Simply good recipes from the farm. Innsbruck: loewenzahn, p. 20f

[1] (accessed, 11/6/18)

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