In terms of naming, millet is all about satiety. Already in the Middle Ages the grain was called Hirs(e). This name originally comes from Old

This cake is easy to prepare and store in the freezer so you can enjoy it anytime. Do you also love the sour taste of

Detoxify your body in spring Spring is the perfect time to get our bodies back in shape for the new year. Our metabolism changes to

Oats are a sweet grass originally from Asia, which was cultivated in Central Europe more than two thousand years ago and thus became one of

COUSCOUS WITH A DIFFERENCEWe took inspiration for our millet salad from the popular couscous salads. For couscous (durum wheat semolina balls) to be wholesome and

Properly store bread and pastries Bread and pastries are an indispensable part of the diet. So it is important to know how to store it

Grain mold beetle and house cricket in many foods in the future Many foods may contain small pests in the future, as the European Union

Fruity tomato soup (on the basis of a bone broth) If you have a ready-made bone broth in the fridge, this is a very quick

During the cold season, many people lack the necessary amount of vitamin D3 because they do not spend enough time outdoors and thus receive less

How dietary fiber affects your microbiome and health Our microbiome is an important component of our health and has a direct impact on our immunity,

Pseudocereals quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat Strictly speaking, pseudocereals are not cereals at all, but grains from plants that do not belong to the true cereal

Caraway, fennel and other spices in bread Bread has always been a staple food and to make it more digestible, the classic bread seasonings are

Silicone baking molds: So many harmful substances get into the baked goods during baking Silicone baking pans are convenient, but during baking, harmful substances from

Detoxify naturally with brine Drinking a brine water in the morning stimulates digestion and is an easy way to detoxify a bit each day. For

FROM GRAIN TO BREAD (PART 2) Being there from grain to bread is what makes the difference. It is a real, traditional art of baking

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