Whole grain vs. white flour: a nutritional comparison Nutrition plays a central role in our physical well-being. Yet whole grain products have been the focus

Prepare sourdough: Grandma’s tried and true tips you should know! Have you always been curious how to prepare traditional sourdough completely according to grandma’s recipe?

Protein is an important building block for our bodies and plant sources of protein are a gift from nature. They are not only healthy, but

Salzburger Mühle 1987 aboard Traumschiff MS Berlin and an enraged dispatcher who wanted to throw them off the train. Werner Ultsch still remembers his cruise

The importance of whole grain products in a balanced diet A balanced and healthy diet is the key to a long and vital life. Here,

Advantages of the Salzburger grain mills with granite millstones compared to mills with corundum-ceramic millstones The invaluable importance of freshly milled flour has come into

Tropane alkaloids – Govinda Nature recalls a batch of “Govinda Nature Teff Flour”. There are many reasons to grind flour yourself at home – but

Sustainable nutrition: How to eat environmentally conscious and stay healthy at the same time Sustainable nutrition is more than just a trend. It is a

Healthy breakfast: ideas for an energetic start to the day A healthy, nutritious breakfast can work wonders – it can prepare us not only physically,

Introduction Baking bread is not just a simple act, but a true art form that has united people for centuries, giving them a sense of

Baking bread in grandmother’s time was an art that is almost forgotten today. But the memories of that time are still alive in many families.

When I think of wild garlic, I am overcome with a feeling of joy and anticipation for all the delicious dishes I will make with

In terms of naming, millet is all about satiety. Already in the Middle Ages the grain was called Hirs(e). This name originally comes from Old

This cake is easy to prepare and store in the freezer so you can enjoy it anytime. Do you also love the sour taste of

Detoxify your body in spring Spring is the perfect time to get our bodies back in shape for the new year. Our metabolism changes to

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