Berti’s preference – wood instead of plastic

Hello, here I am again – after a restful weekend during which I was able to do a lot of research. I had all the computers to myself!
I did some reading about plastics last week and my preference for wood was reinforced yet again.
And now I have something really interesting for you:
In America, tests were carried out with cutting boards made of various hardwoods (beech, maple and oak) and with plastics (including polyethylene).
These showed that shortly after contamination with bacteria, the wooden surfaces had significantly lower bacterial counts than plastic boards under almost all conditions!
The results also proved to be biased with regard to cleaning, as used plastic boards in particular are more difficult to clean than expected!
This American study was naturally received with skepticism in Europe.
But all studies conducted after that have confirmed the antibacterial behavior of wood!

So, I stick to my preference for clean, hard and as they say in Salzburg “gschmackiges” beech wood!
Many love greetings sends your

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