Berti’s Dumpling Recipe

I am probably the biggest fan of full-grain recipes, because I know that it is full of goodness and very healthy for my little mouse body. Full grain contains many good nutrients, whereby white flour contains less of that.

And because your Berti loves it to snack, my mouse grandmother prepared wonderful full-grain dumplings with vanilla sauce for me. And I want that every one of you should try it, so here you get the dumpling recipe:


For the dough you will need 500g of full-grain flour (the most delicious flour is for sure self-grained), a little package yeast, 75g sugar, a little package vanilla sugar, 100g butter, 200ml milk, one egg, a pinch of salt, a dash of fresh lemon juice and a little bit of cinnamon. After kneading all ingredients into a dough, you need to raise it for one hour.


Preheat the oven on 200° and take a baking tin which is useable for the oven and spread a little bit fat (oil or butter) in it.

Then just roll little round dumplings out of the dough and fill it with jam. You can choose the jam you like the most, my favorite is apricot jam.

Bake the dumplings for around 25 minutes. The most delicious way to enjoy the beautiful dumplings is fresh from the oven, while they are still hot and with vanilla sauce. That’s the way how my mouse grandmother is making it.


Have fun with baking, enjoy it and I wish you a wonderful day!


Your Berti


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