Berti attaches importance to local organic products

My God, I haven’t even told you that yet:

Some time ago, I was speechless and lost my appetite – I saw 2 programs on TV at the same time.
One was worse than the other and both shows had only one theme:

Our diet!

Brrrr! I’m glad that everything I get to eat here at Salzburg Grain Mills comes from Austrian organic farms. Not just the cereal or bread crumbs I catch. No, sometimes I also catch a leftover snack – with organic sausage on it. This is my feast then! Or cheese from Austrian alpine milk!

I’m doing really well! But what about the many poor people? Who eat the meat of cows fed corn instead of grass?
And what about the many poor animals, I feel even more sorry for them. They can’t help themselves, they can’t change anything. I can look for a new home if I no longer like it at the Salzburg grain mills.
For example, the millions of chickens that have to live in dark chicken houses and can no longer stand because they have to grow so fast. I must not even think about these poor animal colleagues. That this meat does not come to the quality of our Austrian free-range chickens, which also lay happy eggs, I also know!

Be smart and eat something smart – that’s a real spook!

Your clever Berti!


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