Hello my friends in America and around the world.

It’s me again – your clever Berti!

Well, if I find a fresh bread crumb somewhere, then I can hardly hold back. I have to taste it!

But, if I find too many crumbs or even a small piece of bread, then it may be that I bitterly regret that. My little mouse tummy presses terribly then and I wonder why this can come from healthy, fresh bread?

I read in a clever doctor’s book and also found an explanation:

Bread still lives after baking and must mature!

Gorgeous! how does such a fragrant, crispy bread taste good, especially the tails I love very much. But it puffs!

All breads that are baked with yeast must be stored one day. Rye bread on the other hand, with sourdough, must be at least 3 days – even better are 7 to 8 days.

After this maturing time only the full taste comes to the development.

So my dear, grind the flour with your Salzburg flour mill, bake the bread and then, please let the bread ripen —- and then let it taste good!

Believe me, then do not pinch anything in the stomach!

And now you might want to know how to keep bread best.

Bread wants to breathe and not be stored in a plastic bag. There it quickly starts to mold.

Also not in a plastic container!

Wrap bread in paper or put it in a wooden drawer.

Wooden cans are also very practical and nice.

We use wooden boxes and wooden boxes very often in Europe.

In the past, almost every kitchen had a so-called bread tray, made in natural wood.

Grain and bread love natural materials – such as cotton or linen. These substances breathe and that is very important for the bread.

You can sew a sack … or you can get a bread bag as a gift to your Salzburg flour mill.


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