Asthma from store-bought flour?

Well imagine what I picked up the other day: I was sitting in my mouse hole when suddenly two friends, who have been using a Salzburg grain mill for a few years, came in by the door to visit us. Now pay attention to what they told:

The young woman told us that she had suffered from asthma for many years. She tried various good advice to make the asthma better, but nothing helped. Then she decided to buy a flour mill. And here it comes:

Since she grinds her flour with a Salzburg grain mill and bakes her own bread, she no longer has any problems with asthma. Isn’t that great!?

To the astonished question of our Christine, what else she had changed in her diet, the answer came: “Nothing! That alone has helped me. That’s why we’ve come by from Munich to tell you about it and to say thank you for your great mill.”

My mouse ears then heard something else: the purchased flour, already milled, is specially bred and has only a very thin shell and a large end osperm, and is also treated against pests and mold development.

Of course, I can’t say for sure whether the denatured flour and bread I bought in bake stores were to blame for the asthma problem. What is certain, however, is that she is doing well with her home-milled flour and home-baked bread.

It’s interesting what kind of information I always pick up there!

If you wanted to know more about grains and grain, go for it! You can also find interesting information on our website.

See you soon and have a great day in July,

Your Berti

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