About breakfast

When it comes to eating breakfast, each of us has our own habits, certain preferences or maybe even skips the morning meal altogether. Breakfast should contribute to a balanced diet and also provide the body with energy so that you can start the day well.

What should definitely be included in a breakfast are drinks. Whether tea, fruit juices or water, the body needs enough fluid. Fruits and vegetables, as well as dairy products (yogurt, cheese, etc.) should not be missing from a healthy breakfast. A wide variety of cereal products can serve as the basis and energy supplier for a balanced breakfast: homemade whole grain bread, for example, or homemade muesli. Our Salzburg grain mills can be used to grind fine flour that can be used to bake your own fresh breakfast bread. In addition, a homemade muesli also tastes much better than a store-bought one and is healthier. For example, spelt meal mixed with berries, nuts and honey makes a muesli that not only tastes good, but is also easy and quick to prepare. For the muesli, you can grind grain the night before, which can be done quite conveniently with the Salzburg grain mills. Other breakfast ideas are homemade spreads (e.g. with curd) and jams.

Foods and meals high in fat and sugar should be omitted for a healthy breakfast. There are many ways to start the day with a full and invigorating breakfast. Just try it out!

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