A varied diet – it’s that simple

Eating as varied a diet as possible is recommended by nutrition societies for good reason. Each food – each piece of fruit or vegetable, each type of grain or legume, etc. – brings a different combination of essential macro- and micronutrients.

In most cases, we decide for ourselves what ends up on our plates and how well we supply our bodies with important nutrients. In today’s post, you’ll learn how easy it is to add variety to your diet:

A varied diet - it's that simple

  • 1 new food per week: For a varied diet, it is not only beneficial to use the foods you already know differently, but also to try new things. When you shop – or once a week, for example – choose a food you don’t know yet. Consequently, you’ll also be trying out new recipes, which will add variety to your plates.

  • Choose seasonal foods: Each season brings different vegetables and fruits. This is an opportunity to simply buy what is currently available in your own country. And as if by itself, the menu will change.

  • Eat according to the rainbow: Let your creativity run wild and prepare your dishes colorful. Eating as colorful as possible allows the diversity of phytochemicals to grow. These are found in plants in the form of colorants, odors, flavors, protective substances, etc., and usually have beneficial effects on health.
  • Both cooked and raw: For a more varied diet, you can also have something raw in between the cooked meals during the day. For example, a smoothie, fruit in whole pieces, or simply a colorful, seasonal salad to go with your dishes.

With these ideas and motivation, nothing stands in the way of a varied diet!

And if you still want to know how you can
the cooking time can save, we have here the blog posts for you!





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