A mill for life

Today we want to tell you the mill story of Ms. SF, a loyal and satisfied customer who was hers many years ago Salzburg flour mill bought from us.

A mill for life: Already in 1985 – an incredible 35 years ago – Ms. F. started to change her diet and to eat vegetarian. The main reason for this back then was unjust animal husbandry. With the change in diet, she also began to deal more intensively with the topic of nutrition. Ms. F. switched to a fully-fledged kitchen and was particularly enthusiastic about the recipes from Hermine Klein, an Austrian nutrition expert. Since Hermine Klein’s recipes very often contained whole grain, Ms. F. wanted to switch to self-ground whole wheat flour. So when she moved into her own apartment, she bought a Salzburg grain mill. Eine Mühle fürs Leben

Ms. F. began to try new wholegrain recipes and experimented a lot in her kitchen. She made the experience that in the whole food kitchen it can happen that something goes wrong. But she stayed at it and is convinced that with experience one becomes a master.

After more than 30 years, Ms. F. brought her Salzburg grain mill to service for the first (and so far only) time. Surprised at how new the mill looked afterwards – and how it worked – she couldn’t believe it was really her flour mill.

After so many years, Ms. F. is still enthusiastic about her mill: She is always behind the fact that the grain does not run out and can no longer imagine using purchased flour – especially white flour. The sound of the grinding mill is also a part of her home.

Her Salzburg grain mill is a part of her life for Ms. F. that has been with her for so long. She can’t imagine that the mill wasn’t there. Enjoyment and wholesome food, like her grain mill, are part of her life for Ms. F.

That was: A mill for life

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