A life without plastics?

Sounds impossible at first, but in many aspects of life this is very easy to do!

More and more people are becoming aware that plastic can be found almost everywhere. Not only as technical material and in the household. No, even where one does not see plastic, does not suspect and even does not want to have plastic, it is used. For cleaning agents, for textile fibers and especially as packaging material plastics are used. Often we are not aware that plastic is used almost everywhere. Without knowing, you might even cream your face with a little “plastic” that is hidden in your expensive cream.

The information about plastics and its effects on humans and our planet has given many consumers a different consciousness.
When plastics are obviously used, more and more people are reacting to them. You do not buy plastic-packed fruits, vegetables and meat anymore!

It is commonly known today that different types of plastic should not come into contact with food. When food and drinks are packaged in plastic, plasticizers contained in them, such as BPA (Bisphenol A), could enter our bodies. This may causes health problems.

It is very easy to avoid plastics where they can be avoided: Instead of the plastic bag, a cotton bag can serve well for years. Instead of packing the sausage in plastic, it can be brought home in paper.
But as everywhere in life: It is up to each individual how he or she deals with plastics.
And how thoroughly you get informed about their use.
And since you do not immediately see the use of plastics in many products, it is important to keep your eyes open.

For the past 40 years we have traditionally been building mills with a wooden milling chamber. Due to our love for natural materials, we now also build almost completely plastic-free mills.
We cannot do without power cables, on / off switches and other technically necessary parts. But we make it possible that flour and grain do not come into contact with plastics.
Stainless steel – wood – and real granite – that’s how Salzburg grain mills are built, where the grain is ground

A life without plastics?

The environment is important to us!

The Salzburg grain mills MT 5, MAX and MAX Special are offered as special models and delivered almost completely plastic-free.

A life without plastics? At least this is our contribution to sustainability and healthy nutrition!

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