9 reasons to grind flour fresh

Anyone who owns and uses a grain mill probably already knows the benefits of freshly milled flour. But maybe there is one or the other who does not know it yet so exactly. That’s why today we want to give you 9 reasons why it’s worth grinding your own flour fresh.

It’s worth it…

  • … because of the freshness: Why the choice should fall on freshly milled flour, shows you best the comparison with an apple: Who would buy a half, peeled, already browned apple? Paraphrased to flour, that means you wouldn’t buy old flour, right? Only with the naked eye it is not possible to perceive how old purchased flour really is. And to stick with the apple metaphor – probably most would rather buy a fresh apple and then bite off or cut it first – right?
  • … because of the availability: Fresh flour is available at any time in the desired quantity. Since grain can be stored particularly well and for a long time, you can have a sufficient supply of it at home and grind it into flour whenever you need it.
  • … because of the desired quantity: A grain mill makes it possible to grind sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less flour as desired. Whether larger quantities for breads, smaller quantities for pancakes, for example, or just a handful for thickening sauces – the flour never has to be stored, but is always available fresh.9 reasons to grind flour fresh
  • … for the sake of nutrients: The nutrient content of freshly milled flour is very high for two main reasons. Firstly, because the longer the flour is stored, the more nutrients it loses. Secondly, because the whole grain is milled. This contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber, good oils, etc. If flour is industrially processed, it is usually made into excerpt flour, which is accompanied by an incredible loss of nutrients. Self-milled, fresh flour is therefore always a wholemeal flour, rich in nutrients. *
  • … because of the taste: When you grind flour fresh and bake something with it, you realize how rich and good it tastes. Honestly, though, it’s pretty hard to bring a flavor closer in an online blog post, or even convince people of it. Therefore, it is best to just try it out for yourself.

  • … because of the degree of fineness: If you use your own grain mill to grind flour fresh, you have the option of deciding each time how fine you want the flour. Maybe it should be grist for the muesli, another time very fine flour for cakes, for example.

  • … because of the unusual cereals: There are special cereals whose flour is not so easy to find and which are then usually quite expensive, because conventional supermarkets do not have them in their assortment. Flour from emmer, Einkorn, quinoa or also from legumes such as lentils or peas can be freshly milled at any time with your own grain mill.

  • … because of the regional grain: Not only the unusual cereals you can grind fresh, but also commonly known cereals are always available. The great thing about fresh milling is that you can also buy truly local grain. With store-bought flour, you can never be 100% sure what’s in it or where the grain really comes from.

  • … for the sake of the experience: Grinding flour fresh is a sensual experience. You can hear the grinding of the grain, smell the fresh flour and feel how finely it trickles through your fingers when you touch it. But not only that: if you then bake your own bread or cake, it is something very special and an experience that not only touches all the senses, but can also bring a lot of joy.

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The team of Salzburger Getreidemühlen wishes you a wonderful day!

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*If you want to know more about the
structure of a grain
about the structure of a grain, then
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That was: 9 reasons to grind flour freshly

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