7-piece extra equipment for the full variety of your Ankarsrum

The Ankarsrum from Sweden is therefore not only perfectly equipped for all types of dough – whether sourdough, yeast dough or light shortcrust or stirred dough. The 7-piece extra equipment supports you all around baking and cooking and is versatile. Mixing, squeezing, grating, straining and much more can the 7 accessories of the Ankarsrum Assistant Original. The extra equipment is also compatible with all Ankarsrum food processors, including older models.

And these are the 7 accessories of Ankarsrum Assistant Original:


You tilt the Ankarsrum on its side and attach the mixer to the side port. Already you have a high-performance appliance at hand that makes smoothies, soups, sorbets at 14,000 revolutions per minute.

Citrus juicer

Uncomplicated you attach the press to the main connection and enjoy a freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice in no time.

Universal mincer with 4 perforated discs

The universal grinder is the professional for jams, spreads and pesto. 4 different perforated discs are available for rather coarse or fine grinding. The attachment is tilted over the main connection.


This is attached to the universal mincing attachment. With it you conjure up 4 different cookie shapes. There are 2 elongated serrated shapes, one wavy and one star shaped.

Friction Set

The grater set helps grate cheese, nuts, almonds or even chocolate. The attachment is tilted on the universal mincing attachment.

4 pasta slices

The 4 pasta discs can be fixed on the main connection of the Ankarsrum. Homemade pasta is a specialty for gourmets and is now effortless to enjoy in your kitchen in various forms.

Passing set

Making fresh vegetable soups is a breeze with the straining kit. The attachment is made to the universal mincer attachment and then tilted to the main connection of the Ankarsrum.

Is the 7-piece extra equipment for the full variety of your Ankarsrum something for you? Then you can take another closer look here >>

PS. By the way, we have the kneading machine Ankarsrum Assistant Original from Sweden in 14 different colors for you to choose from


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