6 Tips against cravings

Cravings can have many different causes. These can be both physical and psychological: lack of sleep, stress, pregnancy, growth, strict diets, boredom, emotions and moods are just a few examples.

We’ve done a little research and compiled 6 tips that can help you avoid cravings.*

6 tips against cravingsFood cravings

  • Eat sufficiently and regularly: In order to avoid insufficient intake of food energy and associated cravings, one should eat sufficiently and regularly. Eat until you are full and avoid too long intervals between meals is the motto. This is because a calorie deficit can also lead to sudden and strong cravings for certain foods.

  • Drink enough water: Dr inking enough – especially water and unsweetened teas – is not only important for health in general, but also in relation to cravings. Dehydration can cause hunger even though sufficient food has been eaten.

  • Have healthy snacks on hand: When the big hunger hits, it can be beneficial to have snacks on hand. In the best case, prepare healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit, vegetables with dip, dried fruit, homemade alternatively sweetened cookies, etc.

  • Get moving: Sports and exercise can help keep cravings for sweets** to a minimum. Regular physical activity is also just generally good and important for our bodies.

  • Keep a diary: If cravings occur despite the implementation of the tips listed here, keeping a diary can help. When and how often cravings occur, how severe they are and how you feel can be recorded in such a diary. In this way, you get an overview and can possibly find out for yourself what triggers the cravings.

We hope that today’s article could help you. We would love to read about your experiences. Just email us at j.fuschelberger@agrisan.at or leave a comment below.

Bye for now!

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*If one suspects that cravings have serious and disease-related backgrounds, one should consult a doctor.

**Hunger often manifests itself in relation to sweets and to carbohydrates. However, strong cravings for salty things are just as much a type of craving.

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