6 children, 1 mill and a ferry trip with a turning point

6 children, 1 mill and a ferry trip with a turning point

This mill story begins on a ferry trip from Italy to Greece, where one of our team members meets Mrs. U. from Germany. Mrs. U. invites our Salzburg Grain Mill team member to her house in a small Greek town on the Peloponnese. There, in further conversation, the two find out that Mrs. U. has already been the owner of a Salzburg Grain Mill for 35 years.

So the real mill story starts much earlier:6 children, 1 mill and a ferry trip with a turning point

Mrs. U. was 16 when she moved away from home. By then, she was already grinding grain, but she was using a coffee grinder because she had little money to spend. Several years later, she discovered a grain mill at a friend’s house and was immediately hooked. Mrs. U. saved money, informed herself, looked at grain mills in health food stores and decided on a Salzburg mill. The reason was the desire for a stone mill and, except for the Agrisan grain mills, there were no other mills that had this special feature.

For several decades, Mrs. U. used her Salzburg mill and provided her 6 children with freshly ground flour and meal. Homemade bread from rye and evening porridge from barley were on the menu every day. The children also had free access to the flour mill: standing on the windowsill, it could be used by anyone who wanted to.

In the meantime, Mrs. U’s children have grown up and one of her daughters, who is a mother herself, has taken over the Salzburg grain mill and still uses it. Mrs. U. herself does not need much flour today. A small hand mill grinds enough to bake cookies or the like 2 to 3 times a week.

Mrs. U.’s 35-year-old Salzburg grain mill still looks the same today as it did in the past. And although it was used a lot – by a large family! -, there were never any problems. The mill runs like it did on the first day.

Mrs. U. is totally impressed and can count her Salzburg Grain Mill among the few things left over from her former household that still work today!


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That was: 6 kids, 1 mill and a ferry ride with a twist

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