Salzburg grain mills with granite millstone and wooden chamber

Welcome to the Salzburg Grain Mills

Grain mill manufactory since 1977

Where tradition and craftsmanship have been passed down for generations.

Salzburg grain mills
with granite grinding stone and grinding chamber made of wood.

We preserve and respect ancient knowledge and
appreciate the value of natural materials.

Our conviction also includes,
that we do not produce mills on an assembly line.
Each of our employees is a
Craftsman and specialist in his field.

If work is done gladly, it usually becomes good.
We love our mills.

Salzburg grain mills with granite millstone and wooden chamber

How does a "Salzburgerin" different from other grain mills?

or "Open your eyes when buying a mill"

  • Grain mill manufactory
in the province of Salzburg

… is a place where time seems to stand still,
where tradition and craftsmanship have been passed down for generations.

45 years have passed,

since Salzburg’s flour mills first opened their doors and presented their milling craft to the world.

45 years of devoted service,

with attention to detail and a passion for what we do.
For us, it’s not just about building grain mills – it’s equally about respect for nature and its gifts.
We want to preserve the tradition and craft of milling for future generations.

Grain has its own history, from sowing to harvesting, to processing in a mill.

Often a story of hard work, worries, weather-related problems, but also full of care and love for nature and customs.
This is the only way to turn a simple grain into high-quality flour, which has a significant influence on the taste and quality of our food.

Every visit to us is like a trip back in time, when life was simpler and slower.
In our workshop you can still find real craftsmanship and the quality that is often lost in our fast-paced world.
Our grain mills are handmade piece by piece, with attention to detail and great care.

We stand by healthy and sustainable nutrition with our mills.

We are committed to preserving biodiversity and protecting our environment,
to create a future in which nature and its resources are respected and protected.

We are proud to be part of this movement and want to inspire you, too, to embrace healthy, seasonal and sustainable eating.
With our grain mills with granite millstones we would like to contribute to this,
that our bread and food become valuable again and nourish body and soul alike.

We invite you to accompany us on our further journey and want to inspire you to become active yourself and the knowledge and passion,
that we live here, to share with others. Because only together can we create a sustainable and healthy future.

It’s about much more than just mills, grain and flour.

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