Original Salzburg grain mills with granite millstone and wooden grinding chamber

Original Salzburger Grain Mills

The grain mill manufactory since 1977

Salzburg grain mills with granite millstone and wooden chamber

Old tradition and real craft

For 40 years now, our down-to-earth family business has attached great importance to solid manual work.

We adhere to decades of tradition and respect ancient knowledge. We value natural materials.
We value natural materials.

Part of our conviction is that we do not produce mills on the assembly line.
Each of our employees is a craftsman and specialist in his field.

If work is done gladly, it usually becomes good.
We love our mills.

Salzburg grain mills with granite millstone and wooden chamber

How does a "Salzburgerin" different from other grain mills?

or "Open your eyes when buying a mill"


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Since 1977 you can obtain Salzburg natural stone millsdirectly from the manufacturer. We will be happy to advise you personally and manufacture your mill according to your wishes.
For allergy sufferers, we build mills with specially worked grinding stones, of course made of real granite and wood grinding chamber

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